Quantifying, Understanding and Enhancing Relational Continuity
of Care

Group of three diverse people
Group of four diverse women

I value the relationship with my doctor as I grow into an older adult with a number of ongoing health conditions.  I believe it is mutually beneficial for both myself and my doctor that we have an understanding that grows with time, which allows us to pick up from the last consultation and to focus on what needs to be done at the new visit with ease.  This would save time and allow insights to be developed as I don’t have to repeat my health history and the doctor would already have a good idea about my health issues.


I am probably the oldest person in our PPI group so I remember the days when there was only one doctor at our surgery.  I have stayed with the same surgery all my life. Today there is a team of doctors. You never know who you will see as the practice is so overwhelmed. Sometimes I am lucky and see my named GP – this is particularly the case regarding my diabetes monitoring. Other times I see a stranger who only knows my history from the records. It all feels very impersonal nowadays.


I’m a person of colour who has mental health issues and I feel strongly for this project. It’s very important for continuity of care for people like myself who usually fall through the net. The connection between patient and clinician is paramount for a patient’s recovery journey. I’ve felt better knowing that if and when I’m relapsing that my clinician can take my wishes into account and arrange treatment with my consideration in mind. The psychological safety I feel creates that safety net I and my communities crave to never be left behind.


I am an osteopath and former local councillor with an interest in healthcare provision and governance. I am also involved in Healthwatch Birmingham and Solihull as a non-executive director. I have a particular interest in mental health and neurodivergence. Some of the most common concerns I hear from members of the public about health services are related to a lack of continuity of care, and I see first-hand some of the problems this can cause. There have been a lot of recent changes to how people access primary care, and it’s important for there to be research investigating the impact of this.


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