Quantifying, Understanding and Enhancing Relational Continuity
of Care

Tom Marshall

Professor Tom Marshall

Professor of Public Health and Primary Care, Institute of Applied Health Research, University of Birmingham

Tom is an academic public health physician with experience of health policy, health economics and health informatics. He has longstanding interests in management of chronic diseases, quality improvement in health care and in health services research, particularly in the organisation and delivery of primary care.

Iestyn Williams

Professor Iestyn Williams

Professor of Health Policy and Management and Director of Research for the School of Social Policy, University of Birmingham 

Iestyn specialises in social science approaches to Health Services Research, employing mixed methods study designs. He has specific expertise in health services and systems, strategic planning and decision making.

Sheila Greenfield

Professor Sheila Greenfield

Professor of Medical Sociology, Institute of Applied Health Research, University of Birmingham

Sheila has expertise in qualitative methods and the application of sociological theory in healthcare research within large mixed-methods studies working with multi-disciplinary teams. She is experienced in research into healthcare professional staff roles and patient experience within primary care. 

Panos Kasteridis

Dr Panagiotis Kasteridis
Senior Research Fellow, Centre for Health Economics, University of York

Panos is a health economist with expertise in applying sophisticated statistical techniques to analyse large and complex health care datasets. His research agenda focuses on economic issues relating to incentives facing individuals, and health care providers across various health care settings. 

Fiona Scheibl

Dr Fiona Scheibl

Research Fellow, Institute of Applied Health Research College of Medical & Dental Sciences University of Birmingham

Fiona specialises in social science approaches to qualitative research methods. She has expertise in conducting research in primary care leading on data collection and analysis of qualitative sub-studies in clinical trials.

Zecharias Anteneh

Dr Zecharias Anteneh

Research Fellow in Health Economics at Centre for Health Economics at the University of York 

Zecharias is a researcher whose primary research focus lies in the application of Econometric and Microeconometric methods to evaluate the intended and unintended effects of health sector policy reforms such as health sector financing reforms, quality improvement incentives, and insurance arrangements. Zecharias is also interested in analysing inequality in health and healthcare.

Krish Nirantharakumar

Professor Krish Nirantharakumar

Joint Director for Centre for Health Data Science and Professor of Health Data Science and Public Health, College of Medical and Health Sciences, University of Birmingham 

Krish Nirantharakumar’s expertise is in health informatics, learning health systems and research into epidemiology of cardiometabolic disease.

Jinyang Chen

Dr Jinyang Chen

Research Fellow, Centre for Health Economics, University of York

Jinyang is an early career researcher with a background in health policy and applied health economics. His research interests are the incentives for healthcare providers and the policy effects evaluation, with a special focus on the healthcare quality transparency incentive, and the continuity of primary care in physical and mental health settings.

Brian Willis

Professor Brian Willis
Associate Professor in Primary Care at the University of Birmingham

Brian joined the Public Health department in Birmingham January 2012 as an NIHR Clinical Lecturer where he has extended his work into diagnostic test methodological research. Brian divides his time between working in clinical practice as a GP and being a research investigator where his principal interest is in diagnostic test research. Based on this research, in 2015 he received the Thomas Chalmers award for the best paper at the internationally renowned Cochrane Colloquium and in 2016 he was awarded a prestigious MRC Clinician Scientist Fellowship being one of only a few GPs to have ever achieved such an award.

Kamil Sterniczuk

Lay co-applicant

PPI Co-Applicant

Kamil is a patient and public contributor to medical research. By training and education, he is an EFL teacher, currently studying software engineering. His interests include multimorbidity, autoimmune diseases and health literacy among other topics. He is using his lived experience of ill health and being a service user to further medical research. 
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